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Who Is Jae Jin?


My name is Jae Jin and I'm a creator. Simply put, I create. I express art through music as well as through screen writing and acting. I aim to do so with excellence. I feel that the opportunity to create art that impacts others is a precious privilege for which I have a deep sense of gratitude. 

If you need me to give you something that presents me to be something bigger than I actually am, I am an independent Global Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter, and Actor (SAG-AFTRA). My award-winning debut full-length album, titled KAIROS was released independently in 2015 with 3 tracks being pinned for GRAMMY consideration in 2016 in 3 different categories (Americana, R&B, & Pop). I have been recognized as an emerging force by the likes of Pat Monahan (Lead singer/songwriter of TRAIN), Russell Simmons (Def-Jam co-founder) and have also been featured on The Huffington Post, SOFARSOUNDS, WorldStarHipHop, the Communion Residency, & the Emmy Award-winning TV show, House of Cards. In November 2017, I received a 2017 WeWork Creator Award. I just finished my 3rd studio project, a full-length album titled 'Letters and Drinks' that I believe is my best work yet. It release on June 29, 2018. The first two singles, 11:11 and Father's Land are now out. You can support an independent artist and pre-order the new album HERE


-2017 WeWork Creator Award Winner (Global | NYC)
-2017 HOME Artist Residency Winner (Baltimore)

This soulful storyteller and creative has always been on a path of art, whether that is visual, performing, or music. He took a big leap of faith in his musical journey by walking away from the comforts of a traditional career in medicine and business to instead pursue art professionally. Hekicked off his journey in NYC through an atypical journey included couch-surfing, floor-surfing, and staying afloat whether by playing to anyone who would listen via house shows, in the subways, or in concerts. He has recently garnered the attention of the music industry as an emerging force as a "soulful singer and skilled songwriter." Jae has been touring the world including concerts in London, Paris, Korea, and Singapore. He has been recognized as an emerging force by the likes of Pat Monahan (Train), Russell Simmons (Def-Jam co-founder), the prestigious Communion Residency, and has also been featured on The Huffington Post and WORLDSTAR. He continues to release new music with plans to also debut music in Korean in South Korea where he received a distribution deal via Sony Music Global for his debut album, KAIROS which was created independently without the backing of a label. The distribution in South Korea has led to a mounting catalog of his music being featured in numerous Korean Dramas and TV shows. This stamp of approval and sign-off on his first album also led to numerous offers in the  US for publishing and sync licensing. He also received his first endorsement/sponsorship with Sinasoid and is a part of their prestigious Artist Guild

Similar to other "come-from-nowhere" stories, JAE JIN inadvertently and suddenly caught the attention of the world with a no-frills viral cover of a 1960s soul classic by Sam Cooke. What followed was widespread interest from music labels, music executives, management firms, and even numerous major network reality TV shows. He eagerly awaits the right opportunity to create in an even greater capacity. 

After graduating from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in both undergraduate and graduate studies, and working in healthcare management, business, and social justice for numerous years, he found himself preparing to begin graduate studies in an MD/MBA program. Despite support from family and friends to continue down a well-defined career path, he boldly passed up the opportunity, favoring the passion he has for music, songwriting, and the creative arts, citing his source of courage as a survivor. His passions have been honed by these experiences as a 15-year oncology patient and two-time survivor

Jae's creative passions have also given him an opportunity to study and work in the field of acting. He is a member of SAG-AFTRA and has also been featured as a principal actor as a musician on the original NetFlix TV show, HOUSE OF CARDS. He just recently finished filming his first lead role in a short film and eagerly anticipates receiving further opportunities in Hollywood. 

His newest endeavors are constantly pushing his own boundaries and expectations. Jae believes that he is only at less than 5% of where he believes he will eventually get as an artist, writer, musician, and actor. He continues to work endlessly toward cultivating his crafts. Jae continues to travel the world and share his unique life story and music.